Hybrid Fuzzy Reference Signal Tracking Control of a Doubly Fed Induction Generator

Document Type : Original Article


1 Faculty of Technology, LSTE Laboratory, University of Mostefa Ben Boulaïd Batna 2, Algeria

2 LEB Research Laboratory, Electrical Engineering Department, University of Mostefa Ben Boulaïd Batna 2, Algeria


This paper presents a hybrid scheme for the control of active and reactive powers using the direct vector control with stator flux orientation (SFO) of the DFIG. The hybrid scheme consists of Fuzzy logic, Reference Signal Tracking (F-RST) controllers. The proposed (F-RST) controller is compared with the classical Proportional-Integral (PI) and the Polynomial (RST) based on the pole placement theory. The various strategies are analyzed and compared in terms of tracking, robustness, and sensitivity to the speed variation. Simulations are done using MATLAB software. The simulation results prove that the proposed approach leads to good performances such as the tracking test, the rejection of disturbances and the robustness concerning the parameter variations. The hybrid controller is much more efficient compared to those of PI and RST controller, it also improves the performance of the powers and ensures some important strength despite the parameter variation of the DFIG.