An Optical Measurement System to Measure Velocity and Provide Shock Wave Pressure Diagrams

Document Type : Original Article


Mechanical Engineering Department, K.N.Toosi University, Tehran, Iran


This paper introduces an optical measurement system for shock wave characteristics. The system works by mountinga metal plate attached to spring mounts against the shock wavefront. This set is sealed and can plot the shock wave pressure diagram by measuring plate's displacement, radiation and changing the reflection of light during shock wave conflict, and converting these optical data to voltage. In the experiments with the optical system, there was no delay time in the wave impact response. Using the optical system and the fixture designed and built, it is also possible to measure the velocity of moving objects and monitor the planar shock wave formation in addition to the shock wave velocity. Then the calibration was performed with the help of a standard piezoresistive sensor in a cold diaphragm shock tube, with a pressure of 5.5 to 12.5 bar by performing 12 tests. Relations and figures for output voltage and shock pressure are also explained.