Investigation on Reliability Estimation of Loosely Coupled Software as a Service Execution Using Clustered and Non-Clustered Web Server

Document Type : Original Article


Department of Electronics & Communication Technology, Gauhati University, Guwahati, India


Evaluating the reliability of loosely coupled Software as a Service through the paradigm of a cluster-based and non-cluster-based web server is considered to be an important attribute for the service delivery and execution. We proposed a novel method for measuring the reliability of Software as a Service execution through load testing. The fault count of the model against the stresses of users is deployed. A prototype application using Simple Object Access Protocol-based web service is developed and the study is carried out over there. The experimental setup, architecture, load testing results followed by a comparative study is discussed in this work. It is observed that the reliability of the service by using clustered and non-clustered web server degrades after a specific limit of stress level execution point. The comparative assessment predicts that the reliability of service by using a cluster-based web server is better than the service with a non-cluster based web server. With an increase in the stress level of usage in a multi-tenant environment, the service with clustered web server delivers better reliability than the service without a clustered web server. The occurrences of HyperText Transfer Protocol request failure in the service with a clustered web server is comparatively less than its counterpart service without a clustered web server. The study helps in identifying the applicability of the method and shows the effectiveness of such deployment.