Author = Rezgar Hasanzadeh
Number of Articles: 6
1. Effect of Different Nanoparticles and Friction Stir Process Parameters on Surface Hardness and Morphology of Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene

Volume 31, Issue 7, July 2018, Pages 1117-1122

Mahsa Daryadel; Milad Moradian; Rezgar Hasanzadeh; Taher Azdast; Sajjad Mamaghani shishavan

3. The Effects of Newmark Method Parameters on Errors in Dynamic Extended Finite Element Method Using Response Surface Method

Volume 31, Issue 1, January 2018, Pages 50-57

Samrand Rashahmadi; Yasin Karimi; Rezgar Hasanzadeh

4. The Effect of TiO2 Nanoparticles on Mechanical Properties of Poly Methyl Methacrylate Nanocomposites (RESEARCH NOTE)

Volume 30, Issue 5, May 2017, Pages 807-813

Samrand Rashahmadi; Sina Mosalman; Rezgar Hasanzadeh

5. Welding Properties of Polymeric Nanocomposite Parts Containing Alumina Nanoparticles in Friction Stir Welding Proces

Volume 30, Issue 1, January 2017, Pages 143-151

Mahsa Daryadel; Rezgar Hasanzadeh; Ali Doniavi; Saeedeh Babazadeh; Sajjad Mamaghani shishavan

6. The Study of Deep Drawing of Brass-steel Laminated Sheet Composite Using Taguchi Method

Volume 29, Issue 1, January 2016, Pages 103-108

Parastoo Esmaili; Rezgar Hasanzadeh; Vahid Modanloo